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Cook Like Sharee by Sharee Wonders
Sharee Wonders ebook Cook Like Sharee
Cook Like Sharee Pork Belly and Asian Salad

Cook Like Sharee

A framework for cooking simple beautiful food at home.

"Cook Like Sharee is more than a cookbook full of amazing recipes. It explains my exact framework for cooking simple, beautiful food at home.

It gives readers insights into how I cook, how I think about food, and how I best utilise the food I make. It provides ideas that you can adopt and expand on in your kitchen, however best suits you and your family.

You will learn how to cook simple meals extremely well, and how to best utilise leftovers. You'll also be introduced to what it means to eat intuitively, and the difference between real food and everything else."

- Sharee Wonders

About Sharee

Sharee Wonders is a Pilates instructor and recipe developer based on the Sunshine Coast.


With a passion for healthy living, Sharee has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Cook Like Sharee Vietnamese Salad

Word on the streets is..

" Sharee’s food is delicious, simple, fresh and nutritious! I have never ever been disappointed, or felt sluggish after eating one of her meals! It’s all the little things Sharee does that just make take the recipe to the next level. Like the genius green sauce! I can’t recommend this book enough! "

" I've spent so long going through your food highlights! My goodness girl, I cannot wait for your recipe book!  your family is so lucky to have you take care of them "

" Watching your food posts with your son's food has inspired me (an ex vegan slowly in transition back to animal products) to eventually feed my son meat! You make it look so delicious, so fun, and most important to us: HEALTHY. He’s already on ghee bone broth and eggs and we will one day be incorporating actual meat as well. Thank you for existing. "

Cook Like Sharee Lamb Belly Ribs
Vietnamese Salad and Asian Dressing from Cook Like Sharee
Cook Like Sharee poke bowl
Cook Like Sharee Green Smoothie

Feeding strength through Nutrition and Movement

In the world of wellness, few things are as powerfully fundamental as food and movement. And Sharee's passion for food is only matched by a love of movement and exercise.

Sharee is a Mat Pilates and Barre instructor, and her style is not for the faint-hearted! When you workout with Sharee you’re going to burn, shake, and work every muscle in your body, even some you didn’t know you had! ​

Teaching Pilates gives Sharee the opportunity to be part of a Woman's journey to feeling confident and strong, and achieve their overall goals around health.

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