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Chief Nutrition; clean, convenient high-protein snacks + a sneaky discount code.

Chief Nutrition Discount Code

Today I'm excited to share my thoughts on a brand that's been a revelation in my snack game - Chief Nutrition.

As someone who's constantly on the move and exercising, having convenient, high-protein snacks is crucial. Between teaching classes and looking after my little family, including a toddler who literally does not stop eating (ever), it has become crucial to have convenient snacks that are high in protein but also low in bullshit ingredients - that's where Chief comes in!

Typically I've found most health-food snacks fall into one of these categories;

Clean with nice ingredients, but higher in carbs than protein.


High in protein, but with an ingredients list that is full of chemicals and other shit I don’t want to consume (kinda like most protein powders).

Chief tick both boxes;

✅ high protein

✅ low bullshit!

This is why I love them.

Their authenticity and commitment to clean, wholesome ingredients. Absolutely no artificial thickeners, fillers, preservatives, sweeteners, or sugar alcohols are used in their products. Their products are packed with real, nourishing goodness, and they taste amazing. I am yet to find a cleaner list of ingredients on a beef jerky, they win hands down!

One of the main reasons Chief Nutrition has found a special place in my kitchen (and my gym bag, and the pram, and sometimes my handbag) is the fact that they’re high protein but also lower in carbs. This means they’ll actually put a dent in your hunger, unlike other snacks that just leave you craving more food. They are also naturally gluten, dairy and mostly allergen free. Most snacks that have a clean list of ingredients are usually made using dates which are obviously higher in carbs and won't leave you feeling as satisfied for as long.

I even once used their beef jerky (the best beef jerky you can buy in a packet) in an omelette! Me and my family found ourselves in Ubud on Nyepi day, a Balinese 'silent' holiday where you must stay in your accomodation for the entire day. We loaded up on groceries the day before, but we weren't able to buy any meat. I brought about ten packs of Chief beef jerky with us to Bali, and this was one of the many occasions it came in very handy on our trip!

Chief don’t just do snacks either, they also have collagen and beef liver supplements. I use Collagen in my morning bulletproof coffee. It is a beautiful supplement for your skin, hair, nails, and joints, and incorporating it into your diet can have tremendous benefits. The beef liver supplement, sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, is an incredible natural source of several nutrients like Vitamin A, B12, Copper, and Folate. I've personally experienced boosts in energy and improvements in my skin when using Beef Liver supplements.

If you're looking to nourish your body with clean, nutrient-dense snacks or high-quality supplements, I'd highly recommend checking out Chief Nutrition. Don't forget to use the Chief Nutrition discount code SHAREE10 for 10% off your order x

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