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Why I love Muscle Republic activewear + a Muscle Republic discount code!

In this post I am covering one of my all-time favourite activewear brands - Muscle Republic.

Muscle Republic Discount Code

As a Pilates instructor, I practically live in activewear. I am also just as fussy with my tights as I am with my food! So when I tell you I've found a gem, you can be sure it’s a gem

So here are ten reasons why I love the brand and their products, and a Muscle Republic Discount Code for anyone who wants to give them a try!

1. Comfort is everything

Muscle Republic activewear fits like a dream! The material, the cuts - everything is designed for ultimate comfort. Their shorts and leggings have become a staple in my wardrobe.

With no front seam (thank you!), they're just so comfortable, it feels like they’ve been tailored just for me!

2. Amazing value

Muscle Republic offers real value for money. Their activewear is both affordable, and high quality - they really design their pieces with longevity in mind. For an extra 10% off at checkout, use Muscle Republic discount code; SHAREE at the checkout x

Muscle Republic reviews

3. AND the sales!!

If the amazing value and Muscle Republic discount code didn't make your wallet happy enough, just wait for one of their sales (you won’t be waiting long!). Top-quality activewear at an even better price? How can I say no!

4. Fresh styles always

With constant new drops of styles and colours, Muscle Republic keeps me on my toes - and looking and feeling good! Their design team must be getting paid a lot of overtime, as they are forever dropping new and modern designs and cuts. It makes for such a great range of activewear, and there is always something new to look forward too!

5. Designed for real workouts

If you’re anything like me, you know sweat happens! Every piece from Muscle Republic is made to withstand real, intense training and workouts. The fabric is a custom blend that compresses, and can stretch in all directions. It’s also not too thick, which is a common annoyance with some other brands. Their activewear isn’t just aesthetic, it is genuinely designed for training, and it’s easy to see and feel the difference.

6. MR for everyone

It's not just about us ladies, Muscle Republic has an impressive line-up of men's activewear too. Treat your man to a new pair of training shorts, if he’s anything like mine, he needs them! And it makes delivery day way more fun!

7. Leisurewear love

Muscle Republic Puffer Jacket

Beyond their fantastic activewear, they've got leisurewear covered too. Oversized tees, hoodies, tracksuits, and my favourite; the puffer! The Muscle Republic puffer jacket is beautiful, it’s on the lighter side as far as puffer jackets go which is perfect for our Queensland winter, and just as stunning and comfortable as the range of their range!

8. The service and community

And finally, what really sets Muscle Republic apart is their commitment to their customers and community. I've always received top-notch service and felt supported as part of their community. They're more than just a brand - they're like a workout buddy who's always there for you.

There you have it, eight reasons I love Muscle Republic. Intrigued? I was too after reading so many positive reviews about them, and I’m so glad I decided to order that first piece, a black pair of shorts that are still going strong.

Don't forget to use your Muscle Republic discount code; SHAREE for an extra 10% off, including during sales!

If you're still on the fence, take a look at some 'Muscle Republic reviews'. I'm sure they'll convince you just like they did me x

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